Blue Moon Acres

11 Willow Creek Dr.

Pennington, NJ, 08534

Ph. Num: 215-794-3093

Farm Profile

Dinner with Oustanding in the Field and Chef Alex Spitale of Agricola Eatery

Event Date: 09/11/2022

Event Time: 3 PM

Event Description:

As food writer Florence Fabricant of the New York Times recently wrote: “California and South Carolina are the usual sources for American-grown rice, but you can add New Jersey to the list.” Blue Moon Acres grows rice using the Korean Farming Method. At its heart, it’s all about the microbiology of the soil. You’ll have to come to New Jersey to see what that entails, and why it’s such an excellent approach to healthful farming. Along with many varieties of rice, host farmers Jim and Kathy Lyons grow several types of salad greens and microgreens, so guest chef Alex Spitale will have plenty of quality ingredients to work with. Perhaps he’ll be inspired to create a fabulous Blue Moon risotto or paella. Our mouths are watering already.